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advanced astrological publishing (1992)

THE WATCH PUBLISHER™ defines a operational structure turned to improve and to enrich the methodologies of the astrological research, through the accurate set up of the most qualified technical and editorial tools.

  • Preliminary

  • Inquiry

    This page illustrates the principal intrinsic factors to the solution of an astrological-publishing problem list.

    We underline here to the professionals, but also all those people who are impassioned or spontaneously attracted by the subject, what the fundamental elements to the fulfillment of a functional construction are. Besides being clear and legible, it will have to rest on a a stable and well-grunded technical structure, which will integrate in a functional way astrological geometry and mechanics, even if projected on an apparently simple bidimensional diagram. These goals have been achieved on the three successive levels:

    the Basis

    the Rules

    the Art

    The publishing apparatus

    The first task to be developed was that of creating an astrological alphabet which could be used, as any other alphabet, in every size - from a booklet to the poster - and context, ranging from printed material to on-screen use.

    To my knowledge, this apparently simple problem has never been definitely faced before now, from the various software producers, due to the complexity inherent in managing circular and concentric fonts.

    We have made up our mind to resolve this fundamental stage of the program, producing with the maximum refinement the first series of planetary and zodiacal characters (normal, italic, bold, bold-italic, sans/serif) exclusively in PostScript language, to assure the total flexibility and transmissibility to our investment and to the job of all those operators that will follow.

    The respect of the ideographic content, certainly not secondary condition, is guaranteed by an exhaustive analysis of the ontological construction of each symbol, of which a relative documentation is available.

    The technical problem of the Rules

    Bringing the horoscopical outline to a norm - though leaving an open initiative to every operator - is the successive stage of the editorial framework of the theme, as for any another astrological subject. Ideally, we need regulations (visual and applicative) which will satisfy two requirements:

    1. they must be generally accepted and protected, to guarantee better communication;
    2. they must respect the foundations of accredited astrological knowledge. This will make every graph a window onto a universally known context, or at the least will establish parameters that will allow the operators to switch from one theoretical aspect to another without generating interpretative or stylistic contradictions, furthermore guaranteeing more comprehensible and comparable results.

    First of all, it was necessary to look for the order in the subject matter of the ASPECTS, especially regarding their essence and numerical implications. The Aspects are the key of the dynamic speculation of all astrology and a rigorous coding is necessary to establish procedural parameters that will be able to handle every development.

    We could believe that the programmers task is to arrange the keys for every possible approach; but a solid and durable branch of knowledge cannot rest its foundations mutable bases. Sooner or later every astrologer will owe to motivate the established values and to get comparison with others, rather than to adopt any occasional criteria, by the application of local reasons not enough motivated to satisfy the various judicial needs.

    This issue, initially subjected on the article (FOR A CONGRUENCY OF THE ASPECTS) through an italian astrologers' publication (CIDA 1993), evolved in 1995 in a treatise that departs with an in-depth analysis of the nature of the Aspects to reach the definition of the HARMONICS and, for the first time, to the breaking down and to the harmonic definition of each Aspect of a Horoscope, thus bringing to the global harmonic structure tracing of the Chart itself and to its global dynamics. Refer for details to our Gallery section.

    Such study, which opens a new door on the future of astrology, should not be confused with the known use and application of the concept of Harmonics. This practice consists in translating the data of a theme from the key of first, to that of the second, the third harmonic and so forth, simply multiplying the degrees by 2, by 3... (concept that finds nevertheless an organic position in the treatise). Parallel importance has been recognized to the factor of POWER of every planet, expressed through the aspectual arrangement.

    Other subjects touched upon are the one of DIRECTIONS, which has been developed and codified according to the revolution of the Ascendant referred to the daily progression of the Sun; the 28 phases of the Moon's motion, for which I have proposed a certain way of interpreting and studying.

    The Tools of investigation, interpretation and astrological research

    Once the procedural elements have been codified, our efforts are devoted to overcome the barrier that is set between the theoretical study and the practical knowledge. The problem of the approach becomes the more meaningful in astrology, whenever every impassioned or student will try to apply the knowledge he has acquired to analyze his own case.

    First duty consists at that point not only into effect renewed hard-working calculations - job simplified today by many specialized programs available - but:

    a) in selecting and being able to see at a glance a legible summary of the situation being examined, that is practically enjoyable;
    b) this at the moment and in the appropriate way that is, since everything is in constant evolution, almost always. In others words when you apply your mind to analyzing a situation, not having to look for and switch through data allows it concentrate on the main effort of making an intuitive and subtle interpretation.
    Constant practice swiftly brings one to the conclusion that astrology is something that has to be lived and breathed to be understood, and, why not, verified; this proof goes in both directions, revealing correspondence of astrological assumptions to what's going on, and whether we are able or not to penetrate its immense plot.
    Keeping these considerations in mind, those who practice astrology will realize how important it is to have access to all the information which has bearing on their case, or the cases they are looking into, and to have it in a form which is plane and usable, available and interactive in every moment.
    Carrying out this project took us to chose and revalue a medium that is the nearest to us, most portable and permanent: paper, which has always been the repository for our thoughts; and to transform it into a book which not only contains our life history, hour by hour, but also can be written on like a notebook, conserved like a dairy and consulted like a planner, our ASTROLOGICAL AGENDA.

    So that inside this AGENDA can be found concentrated, for the first time into the publishing's history,
    the state-of-the-art of the personal and contemporary astrological practice.

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